Does standing on tiptoe make you wince with pain? You may have metatarsalgia, or inflammation of the ball of the foot.

Symptoms and Causes

Metatarsalgia can make your feet extremely uncomfortable, with symptoms including:

● Sharp pain or dull ache just behind the toes on the ball of the foot.

● Pain that worsens while walking, running or jumping and improves when at rest.

● Numbness or pain in the toes.

● Pain in the feet that worsens when barefoot.

While there is occasionally one singular cause for metatarsalgia, it is typically caused by several factors, including:

● Improper foot alignment

● Improper walking mechanics

● Unusual foot shape

● Hammertoe

● Intense training and activity

● Bunions

● Excess weight

● Tight shoes

● Morton’s Neuroma

● Stress fractures

Often pain in the foot can be healed with a day or two of rest, some ice and over the counter pain medication. However, if your pain is severe or ongoing, it may be time to see a podiatrist.

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